Boarding Check-In Form

    $30.00 Fun Day (Stay for the day and play)$60.00 Daily (Includes access to all home amenities, back 1/2 acre lot to run)$70 Geriatrics / Special Care $15 Intact Males
    I understand payment in full is required before drop off.
    There are no refunds for early pick-ups as this leaves Dream-A-Dream Dachshunds unable to fill the spot. The owner understands and agrees that pet(s) picked up after noon(12:00 p.m.) shall be charged for the full day. Special arrangements must be made for pick up or drop off before 7:00 a.m or after 6:00 p.m and an additional charge of $100 will be applied. A minimum of 72 hours is required for the cancellation of your reservation. If the reservation is canceled or if changes need to be made with less than a 72-hour notice, then the reservation that was made must be paid in full for having held the spot. Purina Pro Plan (provided by Dream A Dream)Special Diet (provided by owner) Bath before going home ($17)Clip Nails ($13)Ear Treatment ($6)Nightly dental brushing ($6 per session), How Often? Walk 20 minutes ($25 per session), How often? Hike 20 minutes ($25 per session), How often? Swim 20 minutes ($25 per session), How often? Daily Photos ($10 each), How many photos? * based on staffing availability. Credit will be applied for any daily pictures not captured. Geriatrics/Special Needs ($70), Please list Photo Session 20 minutes ($75) Training (Call for prices) Notes C.E.T. Hextra Chews/Bully Sticks - based on supply availability ($4 Each), How often? Beef Neck Bones ($4 Each), How often? AllergiesArthritisBack DisordersBlindnessDeafnessEar InfectionsHeart DiseasePast SurgeriesSeizuresOther YesNo YesNo YesNo YesNo NoYes YesNo NoYes Kenneled at homeAllowed to run free YesNo Wildly ActiveActivePoised AssuredReservedWithdrawn/Lethargic NoYes GrowlHideJumpBiteWet/CowerOther YesNo




    YesNo YesNo YesNo